Andrew Allen

Musician / Composer / Arranger

Andrew Allen is a performer and composer living in Central Florida. He has written music for CBSi and The Discovery Channel, and is currently syndicated with Clear Channel Communications for his work with “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan”.  Andrew is also a touring artist, and has performed around the country. His most recent performances (2014-2015) include stops in Salt Lake City, Denver, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

Andrew has written and performed for four studio albums, which include the music of Star Wars, Star Trek, Video Games, MARVEL Comics, and DC Comics. Each album has been successfully produced using the crowd funding website Kickstarter.  Every album contains a different flavor of Andrew’s writing and inspirations.


“Smooth Federation” is Andrew’s first studio album. “Smooth Federation” is a collection of Star Trek songs arranged for piano trio. The album was written, recorded, and performed by Andrew. He used a multitude of techniques in order to overdub upright bass, piano, and drum parts. This was the first jazz album on Kickstarter to fund over $10,000. The album premiered at Nerdtacular in SLC, Utah and "The Rio" in Las Vegas.  


“Free Play” is Andrew’s second studio album. “Free Play” features a wide array of video game themes over multiple decades. The album was recorded live with Andrew on piano, Truman House on drums, and Byron House (Robert Plant’s Band of Joy, Emmy-Lou Harris and Rodney Crowell) on bass. The album was recorded at Wildwood Studios in Franklin, TN under the direction of Brendan Harkin (STARZ, Looking Glass). “Free Play” features a more acoustic/natural approach to each theme, and is inspired by Miles Davis and Bill Evan’s album “Kind of Blue”.

“Secret Identity” is Andrew’s third studio album. “Secret Identity” is a double disc album, featuring the music of MARVEL and DC Comics. The “DC” side contains eight piano trio tracks, and the MARVEL side contains eight organ trio tracks. The piano trio tracks (DC) were inspired by the Hardbop style of Horace Silver, while the organ tracks (MARVEL) were inspired by the acid jazz of Jimmy Smith. “Secret Identity” is the most funded Kickstarter campaign in Andrew Allen’s musical career.

“Live! From The Cantina” is Andrew’s fourth studio album. “Live!” is a ten-track album of famous Star Wars Themes. This album also includes the return on Byron House on bass, Truman House on drums, and Brendan Harkin producing. Andrew has attributed his love of the Hammond B3 organ as his inspiration for this album. Each track is heavily influenced by the sounds of Jimmy Smith, Hank Marr, Jack McDuff, and Tony Monaco. “Live!” is rooted in the genre of Soul Jazz, and includes the themes of funk, soul, rock, acid jazz, blues, and bebop.


Andrew has also written and performed four digitally released albums, including the music of Super Mario, Pop, Pokémon, and Holiday Themes. His music has been featured on hundreds of podcasts and radio shows, including globally known productions such as Coverville, The Morning Stream, and Giant Bomb.  

Andrew is always open to new projects and commissions. Although Andrew’s albums primarily live within the jazz realm, he is also comfortable writing and performing any style of music. If you would like to request more information about Andrew Allen, please visit the commission section HERE