Music Commissions

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Andrew is currently taking commissions. If you are interested in podcast themes, bed music, television work, movie scoring, orchestration, video game music, Youtube video series / vlogs, or any other type of compositional work, please email Andrew here. 


Custom packages are available upon request. Please allow more time for completion if requesting custom packages. 


How A Commission Works

I get a lot of questions about the commission process, so I've decided to give you an insight into how it all works. I'll be using a commission that I did for Bill Doran's "Punished Props" Youtube videos as an example. 

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Step 1:

Go to the "Demo Reel" section of the website. There, you can find samples of different commissions that I've done over the years. They range from jazz and orchestral to hip hop and country.

Step 2:

Go the the "Request a Commission" page of the website. Fill out the email field, and briefly describe what  kind of commission you are looking for. Because every commission is different, there is not a standard pricing for work. You'll receive a quote after submitting through the "Request a Commission" page. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.36.47 AM.png

Step 3:

You should receive an email from within 24 hours after submitting your request. After accepting the quote, you'll receive an invoice via PayPal. The Invoice is for the quoted amount, and a 3.1% Transaction/PayPal fee.  


Step 4:

After paying the invoice, you'll receive a questionnaire. The questionnaire needs to be filled  out as thorough as possible. The questionnaire gives me a better insight to what you're wanting for a theme. You'll provide basic information about your podcast, and include links and examples.   

Step 5:

After completing the questionnaire, I'll start on your commission. The process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks for the first draft. 

After listening to the first draft, you should email me with a list of what you liked and what you want changed. 

Step 6:

A second draft will be sent 4-6 days after a critique is made.

A second draft typically requires another round of critiques. Don't be afraid to tell me if you need it to change or go in a different direction.

In some cases, I might ask you to provide another set of examples for me to listen to. You can provide Youtube links, or make your own. 

Step 7:

4-6 days after the 2nd critique, you'll receive a 3rd, and most times final draft. 

Step 8:

After approval of the final draft, I'll email you (via WeTransfer) a final mastered copy of your theme. Once you receive the final copy, you're free to go about using your very own - COPYRIGHT FREE - theme.

Bill uses his custom theme for the first time!

And that's the entire commission process from start to finish. I hope it was helpful, and I look forward to writing your next theme!