Below is a collection of themes that I've done for podcasts, YouTube channels, television, and short films. If you have any questions about commissions, please visit the commission page of the website. 


Punished Props Theme - Rock

Star Trek Podcast Theme - sci-fi/epic/orchestral 

WhoCast Theme - orchestral/epic 

Vollmer Video Theme - orchestral/electronic 

Current Geek Theme - big band/gameshow 

GRiD Theme - piano jazz 

A Noob's Quest Theme - tavern/hearthstone 

Giant Bomb GOTY 2013 Theme - NPR/jazz 

CafeRacerX Theme - "classic" blues 

Scam School Fake Outro Theme - jazz 

UAT Theme - orchestral

Wood Talk Theme - upbeat organ jazz 

Tom and Dan #BDM Theme - funk/jazz 

AIE Podcast Theme - electronic/upbeat