"Free Play"

You can buy "Free Play" on iTunes and CDBaby.

Free Play is a collection of iconic video game themes arranged in classic jazz styles.

 “Free Play” is the second installment of contemporary jazz covers from Andrew Allen and Coverville Records. The album will feature Andrew’s arrangements of popular video game themes throughout history. This record is the second release of indie label Coverville Records, run by legendary podcaster and music connoisseur Brian Ibbott.

The recording of the cd is taking place in Franklin, TN at Wildwood Recording Studios. The trio is made up of Andrew Allen (piano), Byron House (bass), and Truman House (drums)“Free Play” will be the first recording done by The Andrew Allen Trio, and promises to be a combination of classic jazz styles, mixed with contemporary melodies.

Frogpants’ Scott Johnson will be returning to create the album artwork for “Free Play”. Andrew and Scott have collaborated before with “Frogpants TV” and Scott’s “Speed Doodle” collection on Youtube.

We will be adding an inserted booklet of artwork to the physical copy of the CD this year. The pieces will be drawn by artist, podcaster, and video game aficionado Brian Dunaway. Each piece will be themed towards each song that is covered of the album. The collection will be available as a package or separately in 5x7 prints.