The Andrew Allen Trio is following up successful Star Trek and video game cover albums with covers of the music of Marvel & DC comics!

The only sounds associated with comic books are the sound effects in your head as you read them, and the music you'd have on in the background as you huddled under the covers with a flashlight, admiring the four-colored adventures of your favorite caped adventurer.  

But both movies and TV have given us an even bigger soundtrack. In the 60's, we had the "na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na" theme to the live action Batman TV show, starring Adam West, while Saturday mornings would bring Spider-Man, doing "whatever a spider can".  

The 70's followed, with John Williams making us believe a man could fly, and the smaller screen giving us Wonder Woman and her memorable theme, and The Incredible Hulk, which would end every episode with what Stewie Griffin called "that sad, walking away song". On Saturday mornings, we'd follow the adventures of Superman, Batman and others in the Hall of Justice on Super Friends.  

As we moved from the 80s to the 90s, we got Danny Elfman's amazing soundtrack to Batman, and the theme to the long-running X-Men cartoon.  

But the turn of the millennium became the point at which comics really began to pick up steam. The Teen Titans got their own cartoon series and a memorable theme by Puffy Ami Yumi. And Batman made his way to the silver screen yet again, with the first installment of a landmark trilogy helmed by Christopher Nolan. Marvel began a trilogy of their own with Iron Man, which also began a successful launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing us installments featuring Thor, Captain America, the Hulk - and all of them together in The Avengers. Marvel's merry mutants would see a franchise of their own, starting with X-Men, and more recently traveling back to the inception of the team with X-Men: First Class. And DC would continue a series of critically-acclaimed animation projects with Young Justice.  

All of these films and TV shows gave us memorable music. And even if you didn't grow up reading comics, you discovered these characters through their adventures in theaters and on TV. And depending on the shows and movies you grew up with, the themes may be instantly recognizable or you may get to discover them anew. But either way, Andrew's amazing arrangements will let you rediscover these songs once again - or for the first time. These aren't "lite jazz" recreations of the themes to these shows and films, these are innovative covers that will help you discover something new about those melodies. You're going to love this album - which is so big, we had to split it onto two CDs, one for DC and one for Marvel.